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What is Resistance Band Training?


Using resistance bands, is like having a full blown gym at your finger tips. You can tailor your exercises. For example, when you do a bicep curls, you can make it a harder by having a wider stance while doing standing curls or may get more isolation by doing seated curls. Using heavier or lighter bands will give the same results as a weight machine where a heavy weight will allow to to bulk and a lighter band will allow you to do more reps for better definition.

As you can see with resistance bands, you can kiss boring routines goodbye. Bands allow you to have the ability to move in all directions. They can also be used to both strengthen and stretch almost every muscle in your body.

Resistance Bands in Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention

Resistance bands were first used in many types of physical rehabilitation and sports medicine. When training in specific sports it is common to work specific muscles. Many of these exercises cannot be done with weight machines. When these muscles are strengthened helps to avoid injuries.

If you have been injured, bands can come to the rescue. When you do strenuous exercise with an injury, you there is always a chance of worsening your injury. When using resistance bands it makes it easier  to isolate muscles without stressing out the injured area. When you are able to continue to exercise your uninjured muscles, the injured parts of your body benefit from the increased blood flow, there by helping speed up.

Very Convienient

Resistance bands can be easily stored at home or packed in your suitcase when traveling. Band training takes very little room, you can even workout in the privacy of your hotel room. Since they are so light and compact you can store and travel with a few different level of resistance.

Resistance band training is simple and offers a full array of befits. You can easily change your workouts to isolate certain muscle groups. Bands make it easy to continue your routines when you are traveling. They also offer a way to work out safely if you are dealing with an injury.

Benefits Of Resistance Band Training

Resistance band training offers you a number of benefits including:

  1. Improved balance
  2. Strengthening specific muscle groups
  3. More variety of exercises
  4. Easy transitions between exercises
  5. Helps prevent injuries
  6. Easy to travel with

From Marge Simpson To Wonder Woman

Whether you are just beginning your journey or you are a seasoned athlete there is a band/tube workout for you. Bands come in numerous colors and lengths, the colors and lengths determine the level of resistance. The use of varied levels of resistance is used on both your stronger and weaker muscles.