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Formed Out Of Our Quest
Constant and Never-Ending Improvement

Kaizen is an attitude of “improvement” and particularly, “Continuous Improvement”– slow, incremental, but constant improvement.

Kaizen was created in Japan following World War II. The word Kaizen comes from the Japanese words (“kai”) which means “change” or “to correct” and (“zen”) which means “good”.

Our Kaizen approach to coaching our fitness athletes focuses on continuous incremental improvement. When applied to our fitness programs, the Kaizen attitude continually improves all aspects of the clients life. By improving standardized activities and processes, our Kaizen attitude aims to guide each client through the awkwardness of being a beginner to being the most proficient advanced training machine.

“We Are Products of The Process”

Our fitness in Monrovia classes provide concentrated, high-intensity workouts that are NEVER boring! You’ll enjoy a special blend of Martial Arts, Pilates, Aerobics and Kickboxing.

With four different fitness programs you will enjoy the benefits of a fantastic aerobics workout in our Cardio-Kickboxing classes and wicked strengthening routines with TRX and Fitness Band routines.

Our newest program is here to help a totally different clientele. For those who are stricken  with Parkinson’s disease. Rock Steady Boxing can enhance their quality of life and even build impressive power, strength, flexibility and speed.

Our Passion? YOU!

At Kaizen Martial Arts & Fitness we understand that the path towards health and fitness can seem complex and overwhelming. Our Kaizen approach is to remind our participants that they did not get out of shape all at once so getting back into shape is going to take incremental improvements. Our goal is to help each member unleash their inner machine by utilizing our knowledgeable and caring instructors with the best training methods, well maintained equipment and a clean sanitary environment.

Why Kaizen?

Kaizen has been teaching cardio-kickboxing and resistance band classes in Monrovia for over 20 years. We are proud to announce that we are now offering TRX classes with TRX certified instructors. At Kaizen we welcome clients that are at varies fitness levels. Whether you’re just beginning, getting back into a routine or are a seasoned athlete we have a work-out for you. Our latest program is here to benefit those who are afflicted with Parkinson’s disease. That’s right we are now the only affiliated Rock Steady Boxing franchise within 50 miles. We have always kept our class sizes to a minimum to insure that each participant receives the attention they deserve. With the encouraging surroundings we foster our members to improve beyond their expectations. Book your class today to forge your road to success.

The Kaizen Community

At Kaizen we emphasize our “Rising Tide Lifts All Boats” philosophy. Since we have always kept our classes at a manageable size we can focus on giving more personal attention to the participants of our programs. This philosophy also encourages individualism along with awesome teamwork. When, as a community, all participants of the class push one another everybody achieves greater results. We are proud of the rapport that our instructors, and members have with one another in building a strong foundation for all of our clients. By following these traditions we have been a member of our community for 25 years.

Not only do we continue to support our members but we also give back to the P.T.A.s of the Monrovia, Duarte & Arcadia school districts, we give time to the Foothill Unity Center and we are proud members of the Monrovia Rotary Club.

Five Amazing Fitness Programs

Everything you need at one location

Kaizen Martial Arts & Fitness began our Martial Arts Program in 1980.  Although under a different name until 2009 we are the longest open Martial Arts school in the Monrovia, Arcadia and Duarte area. Two years later we brought Cardio-Kickboxing to Monrovia. It has now been copied by many of the gyms in our area. In 2015 we were proud to become the only fitness facility in Monrovia that is teaching the world famous TRX program withTRX certified trainers. And now in 2016 we are proud to announce that we are the first Rock Steady Boxing affiliate in Southern California.

Our karate classes in Monrovia are great for EVERYONE! We have students from 4-60. Boys and girls, men and women our program will work for you.

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Are you looking for a totally kick butt full body workout? How about a way to increase your stamina, flexibility, and strength while listening to your favorite dance mixes?

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Rock Steady Boxing improves the quality of life for people battling Parkinson’s disease through non-contact, boxing inspired fitness training, stretching and other fun drills.

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TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise. It uses the athletes own body weight and gravity to build strength, balance, coordination,flexibility, core and joint strength.

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Whether your a beginner or a seasoned athlete you can benefit from resistance band training. They can add challenge and variety to your workouts. And they are easy to work with.

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Try It! You’ll Like It!.

To get started in any of our fitness programs you’ll begin the same way. 1st you will schedule your individual evaluation with on of our fitness experts. This class will not only see what kind of shape you are in, but will also introduce you to the the basic techniques you should know before joining your class. Then you get one full week of unlimited class to see which program best suits your needs.

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